Honoring an American Icon


“Keep going.”

Those were the words of Harriet Tubman in the face of adversity. Despite incredible odds, uncertainty, and tremendous doubt, she always pressed on. She never took small or safe steps for fear of failure. She dared mighty things, took giant steps, and found success where others had failed.

This is our moment, Central New York.

What will our legacy be?

At a time when our community needs hope and healing and a better way forward. At a time when we so desperately need to reconcile our past, present, and future — we must keep going to honor and connect our community in ways that transform our City and region for generations to come.

Will we be the generation that thought small, took the easy way and settled for a solution that repeats the mistakes of yesterday? Or will we be the generation that dared to keep going and work until we got it right?

Where there was a will, Harriet Tubman found a way.

Central New York, it’s time we found ours.

The Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge

Key Facts


  • Preserves the legacy of Harriet Tubman
  • 21st century iconic structure
  • Soars 68 feet above a growing and prosperous Syracuse urban center
  • Seven stories high creating an icon for Syracuse
  • Architectural lighting creates a unified skyline and transforms the Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge’s graceful lines

A Better Solution


As a supplemental part of the Community Grid-only plan, the Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge:

  • Provides a much-needed symbol of hope and inspiration
  • Helps provide racial equity for local residents
  • Keeps our streets free of traffic and reduces air pollution
  • Reconnects our neighborhoods and reinvests in our community
  • Eliminates overcrowded and gridlocked streets
  • Creates jobs in Syracuse

Honor. Connect. Unify.

The Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge unites, honors and connects our community like never before, all while celebrating a great American with strong ties to Syracuse and Central New York.

Proposed and supported by more than 85 relatives of Harriet Tubman and a growing community consensus, the Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge is an iconic structure destined to become an architectural and historic landmark, creating a unified Syracuse skyline.

It will reconnect and drive redevelopment of Syracuse’s urban core, while paying tribute to the renowned abolitionist and political activist, Harriet Tubman, who lived and died in Central New York and exemplified the American values of courage, freedom and perseverance.

Introducing the Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge

News & Resources

Stay up-to-date on the Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge, as well as issues and projects important to our City and surrounding region.

 A campaign to construct an “iconic” bridge in Syracuse has been endorsed by dozens of Harriet Tubman’s relatives, including her great-great-grandniece from Auburn.  Read More…

For some 60 years, Interstate 81 has served as a major thoroughfare and economic driver for the entire Central New York region continuing and reinforcing Syracuse’s historical identity as the “Hub of New York.”. Read More..

Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge Plan Unveiled Today in Syracuse, New York.

A letter to President Joe Biden from the relatives of Harriet Tubman in support of The Harriet Tubman Memorial Freedom Bridge.

For All People to come together to perpetuate the courageous spirit of this dedicated woman. All activities of the Boosters will endeavor to keep the memory of Harriet Tubman’s remarkable life’s work in the forefront, constantly shining a light for all who pursue a free, peaceful and productive society.

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